About Us.

Top quality paints
and decorative solutions

About the company

Sipes is a leading and reputable company in the field of paints. For more than 25 years, we have been a constant presence to help customers create the atmosphere and attractive decorations for their workplaces or homes, both internally and externally. 

Our Vision

To offer the most prominent paints and coatings solutions with globally recognized quality standards.

Our Mission

We build the credibility of the company with our partners by developing and delivering the best innovative solutions.

Our Philosophy

At Sipes we believe in innovation and continuous change. These values help us achieve peak performance and meet established goals.

Our History

SIPES trademark was first Created in 1947 by James B. Sipe and Company in Pittsburgh. We built our first manufacturing facility in the Middle East in Lebanon (1956), Iraq (1965), Jordan (1977), Egypt (1988), Syria (1992), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (2007) and finally Libya (2008).


Sipes Today

Today, with more than 1,100 employees in our operating facilities all over Egypt and backed by a solid highly-trained Industry-leading R&D department, SIPES has become one of the top paint and construction chemicals exporters in the Middle East.

Having 4 factories operating through 4 Sister Brands under the umbrella of UBMC , we proudly produce a full range of outstanding paints & Chemicals solutions. SIPES Paints are manufactured in 4 manufacturing sites built on around 64,000 square meters.

SIPES now proudly provides Egypt and 15 other countries with top notch quality paints and revolutionary solutions that satisfy various market needs.